The idea started from a failed company.

I know, I know, I'm writing a story about failure!  Stay with me.

10 years ago I moved to New Zealand and was working as a marketer for a travel publisher.  The company was people focused, fun and successful - life was good. Then the digital world arrived and the marketing landscape changed forever. Months were spent trying to incorporate digital marketing into the company’s offerings. Everyone understood the importance of digital marketing, but nobody really knew how to use it to help the company make money.  

Round about that time I got nick-named “The Honey Badger” by my team. I spent a lot of time in meetings and being only 5ft surrounded by an all male senior management team, apparently conjured up memories of a certain video clip, in which a honey badger takes on the bigger animals (think cobras etc!). It was a frustrating time and despite everyone’s best efforts the company was never the same again.   

Then I went on maternity leave and in between feeding/burping/changing my little boy, I started daydreaming about how I could use digital marketing to help small businesses grow.  But I knew I didn’t have the digital skills or knowledge yet.

So I took a job as Digital Project Manager.  For four years I immersed myself in all things digital. It was a job that meant I had to do everything; be the lead of the account whilst at the same time performing the digital marketing functions myself.  Very quickly I was running the South Pacific branch and driving successful outcomes for big, complex online marketing projects with clients as varied as Auckland Tourism and Top10 Holiday Parks

Then, after eight years in New Zealand, my husband and I decided to come home.  With this fresh start, I knew I was ready and skilled to advise businesses on how to use digital marketing strategies to help their businesses.

So The Honey Badger was (re-)born.

Hi, I'm Lynn

Lynn Jeynes, The Honey Badger profile picture

and I'm on a mission to help clients smash their business goals through digital marketing.

That's me on the left, the smiling face behind The Honey Badger. Unlike an actual Honey Badger, I'm not that scary!  In fact I'm only a little bit over 5ft and I carry a rather big smile.  

I love my job.

You'll love me, if you like:

- straight talking - I'll tell you how it is and explain what I think your business needs

- step by step advice - I'll talk you through all the ins and outs, so you know exactly where you stand)

- and a occasional giggle!

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