SEO Health Check


SEO Health Check


Your website is up and running, the branding speaks to your target market, the content is engaging and you've got a great product/service to sell.  

You thought that's all you would need to bring visitors to your website.  Turns out that's just not the case for organic search.  

Something just isn't working and no amount of googling "SEO-TIPS" has changed that.  You've given up, and your buying expensive google or facebook ads to help increase visitor numbers instead.

Sound familiar? Then this package is for you!  An SEO Health Check, will help figure out what's going wrong with your SEO, improve your organic results and decrease your stress factor all-round!

What's included in my SEO Health Check:

  • A full website audit and review - outlining any problems or issues. (using tools such as google analytics, google search console).
  • Keyword research - which will help you target the words that bring your target customers to your website. (using google keyword planner, seomoz).
  • SEO tasks - an outline of tasks that need to be completed to help improve your organic search.

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