The Importance of Google My business for small businesses

1 out of every 3 searches conducted by mobile users are related to location*. So if your a small business targeting local customers what’s the best way to market to them? A good start is Google My Business. Google My Business allows you to be listed on Google Maps, so local customers can easily locate you.

So what is google my business

Google my business is a free service that allows you to be listed on Google Maps, so that your clients or customers can easily locate you. You can (as a business owner) use Google My Business to manage your business information such as physical location. This means when a potential customer searches for the service or product you offer, your business would be listed under the organic web listings as well as in Places.

How do I list my business on google my business?

Getting your business listed on Google my business is easy. Just set up an account and submit the relevant information like the address, phone number, email, hours of operation, payment method, mode of service, images and even videos to Google.

Then verify your listing through phone or mail, you then receive a PIN from Google that allows you to claim the specified listing.

Once verified online users can see your listing and all the information you want displayed.

Making the best use of Google my business

Are you sold yet? Ok what do you have to do to make sure you get seen.

A big thank you to my client Carpe Diem Property property developers in London for letting me use your Google My Business to showcase what you should be doing!

Add your business information - consistency is key. The information you put on your listing, needs to be the same as what is displayed on your website. Fill out all of the info. section including

Screenshot 2018-11-20 at 13.43.14.png
  • name and address & phone (NAP)

  • Business hours (particularly important, with the rise of people searching for open now)

  • Website address

Use keywords – Use relevant keywords in your company description

Add images and videos – You can add up to 10 images and 5 videos for free. Use your best to make the right impression

List each location separately – If your business has different branches at different locations, make sure that each branch has a separate location page with the location’s address and phone number.

Don’t forget to reply to those people who have made the effort of leaving you review.

Don’t forget to reply to those people who have made the effort of leaving you review.

Encourage reviews – Every company I’ve ever worked for, really struggles asking to reviews. My top tip is ask your favourite customers first. Then get in the habit of always asking others, it get easier the more you ask, plus the more you have the higher you’ll go!

Screenshot 2018-11-21 at 11.50.57.png

Post - Make sure you post an update. My suggestion is to use your blog posts and summarise it down so it’s a little more snappy!

How much does google places cost?

There’s no cost to list, it’s free. However you need to spend some time updating your information, so there’s a cost and it’s your time!

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